Following S&D call, European Parliament backs use of Article 7 against Hungarian government

For the first time a majority of the European Parliament has voted in favour of beginning procedures against the Hungarian government under Article 7.1 of the Treaty of the European Union. Article 7 can be activated when there is a risk of a serious breach by a Member State of the fundamental values of the EU.


After the vote, S&D Group President Gianni Pittella said:

“We have a duty to do something about the illiberal drift imposed by Orban in Hungary. The time for words and spin is over. For seven years, Orban has been eroding the foundations of democracy in Hungary and attacking the fundamental freedoms of Hungarian citizens. That is why today the European Parliament backed our resolution calling for the activation of Article 7.1.

“The EPP Group and their leader Manfred Weber have done all they can to undermine today’s vote and protect Orban. However, the Parliament, including many brave individual EPP members, have sent a clear message: enough is enough! We will not allow European values to be compromised any longer. We will now begin the formal process of triggering Article 7.1 in the European Parliament.

“This is bigger than any individual infringement of EU law. It is a recognition of Orban’s persistent attacks on the basic tenants of EU membership. Faced with such serious and consistent violations, Parliament has the moral and political duty to react fairly and firmly. We have done that today - Orban the game is up.”