First good results on tax evasion but the Commission must now deliver

“Commission’s proposal on tax transparency is a good start, but more is needed” say S&Ds

S&D Euro MPs today welcomed the European Commission's commitment to present an action plan to fight tax evasion and tax fraud which costs EU member states €1 trillion each year.

S&D Group president Gianni Pittella said today in Strasbourg following the presentation of the European Commission's work programme:

"The S&Ds have achieved their first target: Juncker's commitment to implement within six months - exactly as we requested - measures to combat tax evasion and tax fraud, and rules at EU level aimed at moving to a system in which the country where profits are generated is hence the country where taxes are paid.

"Finally as a result of this commitment - some good and concrete news - we now want to see these measures being put into practice. We welcome the confirmation on the automatic exchange of information between tax authorities on cross-border tax rulings. We will be very proactive in pushing the Commission to set common EU criteria in order to fight against tax havens."

During the debate in the European Parliament, S&D Euro MPs voiced concerns about the Commission's plan to either withdraw or change EU laws.

S&D Group vice-president in charge of parliamentary affairs, Enrique Guerrero Salom, warned:

"The general objectives must be respected in the event the procedure is changed; in particular for the maternity leave directive and the implementation of a zero waste production system - 'a circular Economy'. We also expect the Commission to deliver in 2015 on air quality."

"The European Commission must not only propose different measures but must also change its working methods with regard to the European Parliament," he urged.