"Banning people from kissing in public is unacceptable" say S&D Euro MPs

"Banning people from kissing in public is unacceptable" say S&D Euro MPs

S&D Euro MPs are outraged at the decision of Gianluca Buonanno, a mayor of a small town in Italy and member of the European Parliament, to impose fines for public gay kissing.

S&D Group spokeswoman on civil liberties, Birgit Sippel (Germany) said today:  

“It is unacceptable that in the very heart of Europe, a mayor tells people who they are allowed to kiss in public and who they cannot. 

“By banning gay kisses in public spaces Mr Buonanno is attacking the dignity of the people involved. This is incompatible with European values such as respect for diversity and non-discrimination.

 “It is also a disgrace for the European Parliament, where Mr Buonanno currently sits as a non-attached member. More than ever, the democratic forces in the European Parliament need to send a clear signal opposing homophobia and infringements on the fundamental rights of EU citizens.”  

S&D Euro MP Daniele Viotti (Italy) added: 

"This new decree is just the latest, pathetic publicity stunt by a narrow-minded man who desperately wants to be in the spotlight. 

"Mr Buonanno is only able to give a voice to all the worst values that, unfortunately, are still circulating in Europe.

 "As always, he is focusing his political frustrations on citizens who are more vulnerable to discrimination, in this case LGBTI people. It would be an interesting psychological exercise to ask why Mr Buonanno is so obsessed with homosexuality.”