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Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

S&D Times - This week's highlights and what's coming up

Quote of the week We must develop ambitious measures to ensure that the rights of young people, such as decent working conditions, access to social protection and adequate remuneration are always...
la région des Grands Lacs - congo

S&Ds: Les congolais ne peuvent plus attendre

Face à la situation politique et humanitaire dramatique dans laquelle est plongée la République Démocratique du Congo, aujourd’hui le Parlement européen a adopté - sur initiative du Groupe S&D -...
EP building with The Marrakesh Treaty on it

Marrakesh treaty will help bring new works to blind and visually impaired people

The European Parliament today backed the signing of the Marrakesh treaty that will help improve the availability and cross-border exchange of published works for blind and visually impaired people. S...
Youth sitting under employment hashtag

The Youth Guarantee is a success story; we now must scale it up, say S&Ds

The European Parliament will today vote on a report assessing the impact of the Youth Employment Initiative in the member states and giving recommendations on how to improve it for the future. The...
Spray dan on wall - special committee on Monsanto papers

A special committee on glyphosate will be set up at the request of the S&Ds

Following the scandal of the Monsanto Papers and how the pesticide company tried to influence EU legislation, Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament requested that a special committee...
People different professions crossing the raod

Quality professional services are crucial for preserving the European economic and social model, say S&Ds

Today the European Parliament is set to approve an S&D report on professional qualifications. Regulated professions represent one fifth of the labour force in the EU and cover many crucial...
Romania Parliament

Pittella: Dăncilă appointed new PM is the right way forward for EU and Romania

Following the confirmation of the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, to appoint Viorica Dăncilă as new Prime Minister, the S&D Group leader, Gianni Pittella, stated: “The S&D Group...
Gianni Pittella from Malta: Europe united against Trump, #EuwakeUp, undermining EU values and threatening our democracies, refugee crisis, asylum, migration, refugees, investment and jobs and the creation of a true European social pillar, #SocialRights,

S&Ds: Situation in Malta – need for further investigation

Speaking after comments from Ana Gomes MEP regarding the situation in Malta, S&D Group Vice-President Tanja Fajon, said: “Regarding comments from my colleague Ana Gomes MEP regarding the...