The department oversees the Parliamentary Committees on:

  • Constitutional Affairs
  • Legal Affairs
  • Civil Liberties, Justice and Home affairs
  • Petitions

The department contributes to the S&D Group's effectiveness on these committees through:

  • assisting our MEPs in preparing legislative and non-legislative texts and amendments
  • negotiating Parliamentary texts with other Parliamentary groups, working with or on behalf of S&D MEPs
  • providing briefings, background notes and research on legislative and political issues
  • helping co-ordinate a common approach between MEPs working on different Parliamentary committees
  • providing organisational support to S&D MEPs: organising meetings, providing information and keeping them informed about the relevant activities of the European Commission and Council of Ministers
  • advising our MEPs and staff on matters concerning EU internal policies
  • liaising with trade unions, NGOs and other civil society organisations
  • liaising with our press and communications team and responding to queries from the public, in order to ensure the fullest transparency in the Group's work
  •  organising events and preparing publications related to the Group's work.

The department is also responsible for the S&D Working Groups on:

  • Digital Europe
  • Extremism, Populism, Nationalism and Xenophobia

More generally, this department is responsible for long-term strategic and political planning, and overall for relations with:

  • National parliaments
  • Trade unions and civil society (including Non-Governmental Organisations)
  • Forums such as the Committee of the Regions
  • Sister organisations such as the Party of European Socialists, and the Progressive Alliance
  •  Foundations including the Foundation for European Progressive Studies.

The current head of this department and deputy secretary general is Frazer Clarke.

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Head of Department, Deputy Secretary General
United Kingdom
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