What is an RSS feed?

RSS feeds are streams of free content from Internet sites. They include headlines from articles, summaries, and links to where on-line articles can be read in their entirety. As a result, the latest news published on socialistgroup.eu may be added automatically to your Internet site or used on top of other information sources already authorised via RSS feed reading software.

What are the benefits of RSS feeds?

Instead of having to surf around various sites in order to keep track of events, RSS technology enables you to find out what is happening as soon as fresh content appears on-line on any of your favourite sites.

How do I select RSS feeds on socialistsanddemocrats.eu ?

All you have to do is click on the required feed(s) in the list below, then follow the instructions displayed by your RSS reader software. You will then receive updates in real-time whenever your preferred sequence is updated.

• Press releases
• S&D Channel
• Plenary topics
• Publications