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05 Sep 2020

Reset! Towards digital, climate and regional justice

“Try turning it off and back on again” – How many times have we recommended this to fix our computers? With the Covid-19 outbreak, our economy was

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How politics can shape the economy in Europe? Iratxe García on the European Council Deal

The European Council reached a historical agreement and now it’s time for the European Parliament to have its say. To ensure the best accountability

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The S&D's new Tax Justice Team

Tax justice has been the Socialists and Democrats’ cause for many years. Building on our work, we are proud to establish a new permanent tax sub

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The Socialists and Democrats take on European Own Resources

European Own Resources are vital to help the EU recover in the post Covid-19 lockdown era. As the next European Union budget is being fine-tuned and

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Post-Covid 19: what’s the recovery plan for Europe?

In this first episode of "What’s Left?", we take a look at ideas to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression, following the COVID

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Iratxe García: It's not about money, it's about Europe

“It is intolerable that 23 pro-EU countries are hostage to four preferring a national response. It's not about more or less money, it's about

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Europe day celebration: let's make history again!

Europe day celebration: 70 years after the creation of the European coal and steel community, we are called to make history, again! Workers in the

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EU Parliament Plenary: Iratxe García on the recovery plan in the COVID 19 crisis

Iratxe García's speech, in response to the European Council's and Commission's statements on 16 April 2020, on the EU coordinated action to combat the

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Iratxe García on the next Eurogroup

Iratxe Garcia on the next Eurogroup meeting: the mutualisation of the debt created by this crisis is essential. Corona-Bonds, or Recovery-Bonds - the