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The S&D's new Tax Justice Team

Tax justice has been the Socialists and Democrats’ cause for many years. Building on our work, we are proud to establish a new permanent tax sub

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S&Ds: Proud to have succeeded in getting European Parliament’s backing for the European Health Union

Following the vote in the plenary on 10 July 2020, the S&D Group expresses its deep satisfaction for pushing forward the concept of a European Health

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The Socialists and Democrats take on European Own Resources

European Own Resources are vital to help the EU recover in the post Covid-19 lockdown era. As the next European Union budget is being fine-tuned and

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World Refugee day 20 June - No more talk - time to act

There has been too much talking. Now it’s time to act. Millions of refugees have fled their home due to conflict, violence and suffering. Supporting

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Disinformation during COVID-19 crisis

The spread of disinformation is a direct threat to our societies by default. It undermines our democracies, it harms our values and it affects our

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Black lives matter! Iratxe García in plenary

“I can’t breathe.” The words of George Floyd as he was killed. These words were not only the cry of one man; these were the cries of all those

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1st year of Iratxe García as S&D President

New Commission with a progressive agenda; the inevitable Brexit and how the unexpected COVID19 crisis changed the political agenda but not our

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S&D President Iratxe García calls for an ambitious Europe

Our President Iratxe García has a message for the European Commission and the Council: You have a Parliament here ready to support you, provided you

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Post-Covid 19: what’s the recovery plan for Europe?

In this first episode of "What’s Left?", we take a look at ideas to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression, following the COVID

10 Jun 2020

FEPS WEBINAR - Call to Europe IX: Action for climate justice & gender equality

If you want to participate in our conference and receive the updates on the event register to: Call to Europe IX (10th June 2020): Action for Climate