We are rapidly reaching crisis point. Time is running out. In view of the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change in Madrid (COP25), the European Parliament must declare a climate emergency now and put pressure on member states and the EU Commission to take the lead together and propose concrete actions to reverse global warming.


S&D vice-president for a Green New Deal, Miriam Dalli, stated:

“The Socialists and Democrats will not stop fighting for this cause. The next COP25 will mark a decisive turning point in the fight against climate change. With US President Donald Trump formally initiating the process to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, citizens in Europe and beyond are now turning to the EU for direction.

“Following yesterday’s vote in the EP’s environment committee on the COP25 resolution, the S&Ds will be tabling an amendment requesting the European Parliament to declare a climate emergency. The EU must act together and lead by example in international climate negotiations through concrete actions and measures.”

In the COP25 resolution, the S&Ds requested that the EU adjusts its economy-wide target of domestic greenhouse gas emission reductions to 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, in order to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.”


S&D coordinator on the environment committee, Jytte Guteland, added:

“Yesterday's vote is an important step to ensure that the Parliament brings a strong and progressive mandate to COP25 in Madrid. People all over the world demand action to reduce climate emissions. We share the sense of urgency and are fighting for tougher and immediate EU action to mitigate the climate crisis. We know from experience that the European Parliament plays an important role at the COP conferences to push the Parties to reach ambitious agreements.

“The EU has both the economic means and a responsibility to lead by example in this global process. The first step is to sharpen our climate targets for 2030. By aligning our own emissions in line with the Paris Agreement we can show the rest of the world that the Green New Deal is not just possible, but in fact has huge potential for society.”


The S&D rapporteur on COP25 resolution, Mohammed Chahim, said:

“There is a climate emergency; we now must be ambitious and act accordingly. Europeans do not need more words from politicians. What we need are concrete plans to ensure that this transition leaves no one behind. It is crucial that all sectors contribute their fair share to meet objectives of the Paris Agreement. Therefore, it is important that we also transform the maritime sector, the aviation sector, as well as the agricultural sector. “

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CHAHIM Mohammed

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