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pCBCR: S&Ds call on EU ministers to finally heed citizens’ call for tax transparency of big businesses

Ahead of this Thursday’s meeting of the Competitiveness Council, the Socialists and Democrats Group urges EU ministers to give the green light for

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Consider platform workers as employees and reverse the burden of proof, S&Ds demand of Commission

Speaking ahead of the launch of the consultative phase on platform work, by Commissioner Nicolas Schmit today, the Socialists and Democrats in the


AdsZucks - Ban personalised ads for once and for all

We want to ban personalised ads for once and for all to support innovation in the field of advertising, to help publishers, artists and media to

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Facebook does not make the laws! S&Ds launch pan-European campaign to stop online data abuse

The Socialists and Democrats Group is today launching AdsZuck, a pan-European campaign aimed at ending the abuse of citizens’ personal data by Big

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The EU must do a better job to protect the media and arts, say S&Ds

Members of the S&D Group today called on the European Commission to ensure better protection of freedom for the press and the arts, during a remote

22 Feb 2021

S&D Group online event: Media and artistic freedom under attack - Europe has to act

The Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament invites you to join the online event “Media and artistic freedom under attack - Europe

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S&D Times - Weekly Update. This Week's Highlights and What's Coming Up

"It is clear the pandemic is not over and that we already need to prepare for future challenges now. Even with vaccines being approved and new

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“Why are rich countries, like Australia, never blacklisted”? ask S&Ds as they condemn EU tax havens list for mainly targeting poor countries

Reacting to today’s approval of an up-dated EU black list of tax havens by EU foreign ministers, the Socialists and Democrats in the European

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S&Ds react to Commission proposal on vaccine strategy: “The pandemic is not over. We need to prepare for future challenges!”

Reacting to the European Commission’s latest action plan to prepare for the threat of coronavirus variants, the Socialists and Democrats restate their

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S&D Group: Time to stop turning a blind eye to data protection rights violations under FATCA

When EU Finance Ministers meet today, they will discuss the unfair consequences facing thousands of EU citizens known as ‘Accidental Americans’. The S