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EU taxpayers should know precisely how their money is used for vaccine development

Today, in the European Parliament’s committee on budgets, members heard Ms Sandra Gallina, director for health and food safety (DG SANTE) at the

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S&D Times - Weekly Update. This Week's Highlights and What's Coming Up

“Pharmaceutical companies will not drag us into some kind of auction to increase their profits. It is of utmost importance that these companies comply

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Ending child poverty: S&Ds secure political deal with EU governments to fund Child Guarantee

Last night, the S&Ds reached a political deal committing all member states to implementing and investing in the European Child Guarantee, during the

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S&D Group: Parliament investigation will reveal full extent of Frontex’s failings

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today supported setting up an investigation into Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard

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S&Ds: Forging a fair and sustainable Africa Strategy – the way forward for the future of EU-Africa relations

The Socialists and Democrats welcome the adoption of the Africa Strategy in the development committee. This strategy, along with the future Post

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S&Ds draw up roadmap to affordable housing and renovations – now it’s up to the Commission to act

As one of the largest consumers of energy in the EU, building stock has a big impact on the EU’s climate goals. Buildings are responsible for 40% of

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S&D position on the Renovation Wave strategy: win win win for climate, jobs and better quality of living for all

Buildings play a key role in our societies and daily lives. Building stock has a big impact on the EU’s climate goals as it is one of the largest

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S&Ds lead the drive for EU rules on businesses behaving responsibly

The S&D Group in the European Parliament wants to see the EU use the weight of its single market with 450 million consumers to set global standards

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S&Ds urge pharmaceutical companies to deliver on the contracts to provide COVID-19 vaccines

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today urged Pfizer and AstraZeneca pharmaceutical companies to fulfil the obligations they engaged

25 Jan 2021

Decent housing for all - a workshop hosted by the S&D Group, 29 January 2021

Housing for All: Time for Europe to Deliver - Monday 25 to Friday 29 January 2021 Decent housing for all - a workshop hosted by the Socialists and