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Mr Kaczyński, stop oppressing Polish women, and help them instead!

Ahead of the debate in the Polish Parliament on two bills that would further restrict the access to abortion and ban sexual education in Poland, the

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Women are on the frontline of the COVID19 pandemic. Social Democrats call for EU action to support them!

The coronavirus pandemic deepens existing inequalities in our societies. It exposes an increasing number of women to gender-based violence. It is


S&D position paper - A progressive gender-sensitive approach to the COVID-19 crisis

The global and European health and economic crisis provoked by the COVID-19 virus reveals the limits and contradictions of our societies and our socio

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The Eurogroup deal is a good start for a comprehensive recovery plan, says Iratxe García

Yesterday evening the EU finance ministers agreed on a €540 billion emergency package to face the economic and social crisis caused by the COVID-19

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S&Ds Times - Weekly Update. This Week's Highlights And What's Coming Up

Quote of the week “At the end of this unprecedented crisis, European citizens will judge whether the EU was able to unite to protect them. Whatever

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S&Ds: The EU showing solidarity to partner countries facing COVID-19

Today the European Commission and the High Representative showed solidarity with the joint communication on the Global EU response to COVID-19, which

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Iratxe García calls on the Eurogroup to live up to this historic time

Following a 16-hour teleconference meeting, Eurozone finance ministers were not able to reach an agreement on how to respond to the economic and

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PiS is playing with fire by pushing for presidential elections in Poland to take place in May

Following yesterday’s vote in the Polish Parliament, where, despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the PiS majority have forced the presidential elections


Iratxe García on the next Eurogroup

Iratxe Garcia on the next Eurogroup meeting: the mutualisation of the debt created by this crisis is essential. Corona-Bonds, or Recovery-Bonds - the

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The Eurogroup must show determination to buffer the Eurozone from a world-wide economic shock, say García and Stanishev

Ahead of the meeting of the Eurozone finance ministers, the leader of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament Iratxe García and the