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Step one of the recovery plan is underway – MEPs confirm React-EU in plenary

Members of the European Parliament will confirm today the first measure of the Next Generation EU recovery plan that provides extra financial capacity

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S&Ds have done it: the Just Transition Fund will be fully green with a red heart!

An unprecedented agreement was reached this evening between the European Parliament and the Council on the Just Transition Fund (JTF), totaling 17.5

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Agreement on regional funds: S&Ds ensure equity between EU regions for the next seven years

European Parliament negotiators, under the lead of the S&D Group, today put the finishing touches on the ERDF-CF (European Regional Development Fund

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Agreement on Interreg: “A climate-friendly programme with less bureaucracy and solutions for small projects” say S&Ds

The S&Ds managed to put their socially just and green stamp on the conclusion of negotiations on Interreg, a successful programme that has been

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S&Ds: The SDG clock is ticking. 10 years left to achieve sustainable development

The COVID-19 pandemic is still holding the world under its spell. Inequalities are worsening worldwide and putting many achievements of recent years


S&D Pedro Marques explains the Just Transition Fund

The Just Transition Fund is the first key element of the European Green Deal. Socialists and Democrats managed to put citizens’ welfare at the core of

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The Just Transition Fund, a first step of the European Green Deal, endorsed by Parliament

Socialists and Democrats managed to put citizens’ welfare at the core of the transition to a carbon neutral economy. MEPs cast a vote, on Wednesday

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ReactEU is a lifeline for the people. We must fund it solidly, say S&Ds

S&Ds demand real support for those people and regions hardest hit by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Members in the committee for regional

05 Sep 2020

Reset! Towards digital, climate and regional justice

Reset! Towards digital, climate and regional justice. “Try turning it off and back on again” – How many times have we recommended this to fix our

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S&Ds successfully put socialist priorities at the core of the Just Transition Fund

In a vote in the committee on regional development today, the Socialists & Democrats have managed to steer the future of the Just Transition Fund (JFT