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New rules will make the European Parliament fairer and more transparent

The European Parliament today backed an update to its rules of procedure, to make the institution fairer and more transparent, as well as cracking

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Manfred Weber and EPP call for secret vote on new transparency rules

S&D MEPs have urged the EPP Group and their leader Manfred Weber to drop proposals to hold a secret vote on new rules designed to make the Parliament

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S&Ds: Only alternative to backstop is a closer EU-UK relationship. We will not put Good Friday Agreement or single market at risk

Following votes in the House of Commons on the UK government’s Brexit motion, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann and Group spokesperson on Brexit

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More needs to be done to crack down on disinformation ahead of the EU elections

Following the publication from the European Commission of the first reports on implementation of the Code of Practice against disinformation, S&D


Brexit reaction Udo Bullmann S&D President

UDO BULLMANN reacts to the enormous defeat at the UK Parliament.

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S&Ds: We need more checks and balances on work of the European Commission

The European Parliament constitutional affairs committee today voted on a report calling for more checks and balances on the work of the European

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May offers no way out of Brexit deadlock - time to put it back to the people

S&D MEPs are disappointed by the latest proposals put forward by UK Prime Minister Theresa May that fail to break the deadlock on the UK’s withdrawal

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S&Ds: Time is running out - UK must break Brexit deadlock

Following a historic defeat in the House of Commons on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, S&D MEPs have urged the UK Prime Minister to break

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S&Ds criticize lack of progress on Eurozone reforms

Following the conclusions of the Euro-Summit on the reform of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), S&D group president Udo Bullmann states: "While

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S&Ds on the outcome of the December European Council

Commenting on the results of the last European Council meeting of 2018, S&D group president Udo Bullmann said: “On Brexit, the week that was supposed