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S&Ds secure strong protections for journalists, whistle blowers and workers in trade secrets deal

S&D members today backed legislation on trade secrets in the legal affairs committee of the European Parliament, after having secured strong

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Pittella: Polish government should withdraw the contested laws. Poland and Polish people deserve better

Speaking during a debate with Polish Prime Minister in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today, S&D Group President Gianni Pittella said:"Poland

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EU leaders must defend press freedom and peace in Turkey during the upcoming EU Summit, say S&Ds

The European Parliament's standing rapporteurs on Turkey today sent a letter to VP/HR Federica Mogherini, calling on EU leaders to make sure that

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Positive first step from the Commission on copyright, portability and contract reform

The S&D Group welcomes today's announcement from the European Commission on copyright reform, cross border portability and digital contract law. The

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"Only 21.2% of company board members are women - time for change" say S&Ds

S&D Euro MPs will urge European governments to reach an agreement on an EU proposal aiming at increasing the number of women on company boards, during

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European Socialists and Democrats in shock after attacks in Paris

Following the tragic events of last night in Paris, Gianni Pittella, President of the S&D Group, and Pervenche Berès, Leader of the Delegation of the

21 Oct 2015

S&D Conference: United Against Hate & Fear

S&D Conference: United Against Hate & Fear.Programme attached below.To register, please fill in the form attached below, and email it to minna.piispa

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Pittella: Europe needs a new vision that moves beyond the inter-governmental model

Speaking after the interventions of French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the President of the Socialist and

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S&D MEPs back plan to make small claims procedure easier between member states

The European Parliament today backed proposals to make it easier for citizens and small businesses to claim money owed to them in other EU states.S&D

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EU should do more for Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, say S&Ds

A delegation of 4 S&D MEPs, Enrique Guerrero Salom, vice president of the S&D Group and standing rapporteur for Humanitarian Aid, Elena Valenciano