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Bullmann: Enough is enough - EPP needs to show if they are with Europe or with Viktor Orbán

S&D Group president Udo Bullmann has urged the EPP Group, led by his counterpart Manfred Weber, to finally stand up for European values and vote to

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S&D Group on the results of the independent judicial inquiry in Malta

The S&D Group in the European Parliament takes note of the latest political developments in Malta where an independent judicial inquiry confirmed that

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Parliament backs S&D’s call for full investigation into Cambridge Analytica scandal

Following pressure from the S&D Group, the European Parliament will launch a series of three hearings into the misuse of millions of people’s data by


Mark Zuckerberg before the European Parliament

Lame excuses and vague commitments, that’s all we got from Mark Zuckerberg. How he intends to protect people’s privacy from commercial and political

24 May 2018

S&D conference on: Ensuring Fair Mobility of Companies

We are pleased to invite you to attend the conference on "Ensuring Fair Mobility of Companies" hosted by the S&D Group in the European Parliament.The

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Transparency battle won: S&Ds successful in push for webstreaming of meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

Following the announcement that the meeting of Facebook-CEO Mark Zuckerberg with representatives of the European Parliament will be webstreamed, S&D

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Progressives win fight for greater transparency in EU decision making

S&D MEPs today joined forces with other progressive groups in the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee to block conservative and liberal

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Independent press is essential for a functioning democracy; the EU must do more to protect it

The European Parliament today backed a report calling for the EU to do more to protect journalists and independent media in the EU. The report was

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European Commission needs to be bolder on artificial intelligence

S&D MEPs welcomed the fact the European Commission has come forward with proposals on the future of artificial intelligence but were disappointed by

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Time to put an end to forum shopping and letter-box companies

The S&D Group welcomed proposals from the European Commission designed to create clearer rules for when a company wants to move across borders, and