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S&Ds present roadmap for sustainable Europe in Slovenia

S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann will travel to Ljubljana and Maribor in Slovenia to present the Progressive Society policy report on Sustainable

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S&Ds will never accept permanent internal borders within the Schengen area

The European Parliament today restated its strong opposition to the extension of temporary borders within the Schengen passport free zone. MEPs backed

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S&Ds help secure stronger European Border and Coast Guard Agency

The European Parliament today approved an agreement that will significantly strengthen the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. S&D Group MEP


We are proudly European (Watch the video)

Europe is a solution, not a problem. It’s not perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should destroy it. We have a plan to change Europe for the better. We believe that equality and solidarity should be at

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Rule of law must be protected everywhere in Europe

The European Parliament today called for the European Commission finally to come forward for proposals for an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of

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Parliament backs action against discrimination and harassment of people of African descent

The European Parliament today for the first time supported a report on the fundamental rights of people of African descent. Harassment and

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European Parliament backs new laws to ensure EU consumers have same protections online and offline

The European Parliament today adopted a new digital contract law by revising the Consumer Sales Directive and approving a brand new Directive on the

24 Mar 2019

Join us on the #March4Europe.

Join us on the March through Facebook here. March4Europe. Europe is in danger. Democracy is in danger. We have to stand together for Europe. Stand

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S&Ds on Brexit: EU shows leadership where May has failed. She must work with Labour or go back to the people

Following the decision last night of EU leaders to delay Brexit until 12 April, or 22 May if a withdrawal agreement is approved, S&D Group leader Udo

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S&Ds: Trump wants to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights? This would be unacceptable, illegal and shameful.

The S&D Group protests against the latest appalling tweet by U.S. president Donald Trump promising the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the