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Court ruling against Volkswagen shows pressing need for EU-wide collective redress

S&D MEPs today welcomed a ruling from the European Court of justice that confirms consumers can seek collective redress against manufacturers in the

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Criminals are lining their pockets without effective EU anti-money laundering rules

The S&D Group is calling for stronger measures to fight money laundering across the EU, including an effective sanctions regime with financial


World Refugee day 20 June - No more talk - time to act

There has been too much talking. Now it’s time to act. Millions of refugees have fled their home due to conflict, violence and suffering. Supporting

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Time pressures are UK’s choice but we will stand our ground

While the UK government is deciding not to extend the transition period, S&D MEPs remain disappointed with the lack of progress in negotiations due to

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Border responses to Covid-19 confusing and discriminatory

On the week that marks 35 years since the Schengen Agreement, S&D MEPs are disappointed with the chaotic and scattered approach from Member States

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S&D Group: UK should deliver on its promises

The S&D Group is calling on the UK Government to deliver on its commitments for a comprehensive future partnership and to keep its promises to ensure

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S&Ds will not accept any deal reached in the Council, Iratxe García tells Charles Michel. She also announces a new Parliamentary subcommittee on taxes

Today Iratxe García participated in a meeting between all group leaders in the European Parliament, its president David Sassoli, and the president of

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Social media platforms must play their part in the fight against disinformation

In response to the Commission’s efforts to tackle COVID-19 disinformation, the S&D Group calls on social media platforms to take responsibility in the

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S&Ds urge PM Johnson to stick to his promises

Following the latest round of talks between the EU and the UK, the S&D Group is calling on the UK Government to deliver on the promises made in the

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Without Schengen, there is no recovery

Ahead of a meeting of Home Affairs’ Ministers on Friday, the S&D Group called for a fully-functioning Schengen Area of free movement to be restored as