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The European Digital Agenda must leave nobody behind, say S&Ds

In a debate in Strasbourg requested by the S&D Group, our members sent a clear message ahead of the Commission’s proposal on the Digital Agenda: we


Our inclusive digital Europe - leaving nobody behind - offering opportunity for everyone

The digital revolution should neither leave anybody behind nor lead to a ‘race to the bottom’ with regard to labour and social standards. It must

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Review of fiscal rules is a golden opportunity to change the direction of Europe, say S&Ds, as Commission unveils plans

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament welcome the opening of the public consultation on the review of EU economic governance as a


The New EU Digital Strategy

Ismail Ertug comments on the new EU digital strategy. Data ownership in Europe, the future of 5G, cybersecurity and tech giants' taxation are


Ismail Ertug on the future of 5G in the EU

Ismail Ertug reacts to the Commission's proposal on 5G in Europe

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“We need fresh money and social measures to ensure a just transition,” says Iratxe García

During the plenary debate on the sustainable investment plan, just transition fund and Roadmap on Social Europe, the president of the Socialists and

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S&Ds: No bees, no food, no life. The EU Commission must take immediate action to reduce the use of pesticides and save pollinators

The S&D Group welcomes the approval today in plenary of the Resolution on the ‘EU Pollinators initiative’, which highlights the importance of

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S&Ds make money work for the people and the planet in taxonomy deal

After tense moments in the Council, member states and European Parliament negotiators endorsed last night the political compromise on the world's

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S&Ds: COP25 ends with disappointing outcome. Our fight for fair and bold climate action goes on

After more than 10 days of intense negotiations, the COP25 in Madrid has come to an end with a very disappointing outcome and another missed

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S&Ds: No time left for words. We're ready to make European Green Deal a success towards a just and sustainable transition

Having just returned from the COP25 in Madrid, where they held an exchange with experts and civil society, Socialists and Democrats today welcomed the