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Horizon Europe: S&Ds strengthen criteria for excellence and social impact of Research and Innovation grants

The next Horizon Europe (2021-2027) research and innovation programme will build on the success of Horizon 2020 to drive scientific excellence and

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S&Ds push for sustainability and for affordable prices in the reform of the EU electricity market

Today, the European Parliament backed the final agreement with the EU Council on the reform of the internal electricity market. Socialists and

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S&Ds welcome provisional agreement on the ambitious EU research programme - Horizon Europe

After lengthy negotiations, last night the European Parliament negotiation team reached an agreement with the EU Council to establish the next

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Breakthrough in Europe for sustainable investments

Breakthrough in Europe for sustainable investments Good news for European citizens and the environment: Last night, S&D Euro MP Paul Tang negotiated

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More than 700 people attended presentation of Progressive Society report with S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann in Athens (EN/EL)

Following the presentation of the Progressive Society policy report on Sustainable Equality at an event co-organised with the Athens office of

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Led by S&Ds, the EU Parliament calls for a more sustainable use of pesticides

Today the plenary of the EU parliament voted on a report drafted by S&D MEP Jytte Guteland, which calls on EU member states to be more proactive in

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InvestEU: S&Ds make sure that the EU invests in a sustainable future and in a just transition for all

The plenary of the European Parliament today backed a new InvestEU Programme - a single structure bringing together a multitude of EU financing

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S&Ds ensure consumer protection and affordable prices in the Electricity Market Reform

The European Parliament and the EU Council finally reached a deal late yesterday evening for a reform of the electricity market in the European Union

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S&Ds are determinant in brokering an ambitious deal to reduce plastic marine pollution

Following lengthy negotiations with the Council an agreement was reached early this morning that will reaffirm the leading role of the European Union


Our call for Clean Transport!

The S&D is working on a vision of clean transports that would contribute to a better, more sustainable and healthier environment while guaranteeing