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We need to act now to save the future of the tourism industry, say S&Ds

With millions of jobs in the tourism and transport industry endangered by the COVID-19 outbreak, S&Ds urge European authorities to listen to the


S&D President Iratxe Garcia on EU's response to Covid-19 crisis

Socialists and Democrats are presenting an action plan to react with urgent measures but also mid and long-term ones to confront this situation. The

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S&Ds support legislative measures against COVID-19 at extraordinary plenary session

Today in an unprecedented plenary session, the European Parliament will pass three pieces of legislation aimed at fighting both the health and the

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S&Ds propose an EU-wide action plan against COVID-19 ahead of the European Council

Today, the Group of the Socialists and Democrats have adopted a comprehensive EU Action Plan with 25 urgent and mid-term measures to fight the COVID


Fighting the pandemic, tackling its aftermath and preparing for a better future.

Action Plan by the S&D Group in the European Parliament. This action plan has been launched by the S&D Group on 25 March 2020. The COVID-19 crisis and

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S&Ds: saving human lives first. We ask the Commission to postpone the entry into force of the Medical Devices Regulation

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are fully committed to the common fight against the spread of Covid-19 across Europe. In order

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S&Ds: We must learn from the COVID-19 lesson. Only a common and coordinated EU answer will win this and future fights

We are living through something unprecedented. The COVID-19 virus knows no boundaries, it infects people globally and so our response must be European

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“Issue corona-bonds and activate the European Stability Mechanism”, Iratxe García urges EU finance ministers

Ahead of video-conferences between economic and finance ministers today and the Eurogroup tomorrow to prepare a European Council meeting scheduled for


S&D MEPs urge us all to stay at home

We're following the public health advice during #COVID19. Social distancing and hand hygiene are the way to slow the spread, and we must slow it. For


Join the applause supporting healthcare staff

The S&D Group joins the applause by millions of Europeans, supporting the staff in our healthcare systems, in the midst of the pandemic crisis. We are