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Our Fight for Women's Rights in Croatia

What’s happening in Croatia is worrying… We are with the Croatian women and all the European women in their fight for the right to choose!

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All women wherever they live in Europe must be protected against all forms of violence, say S&Ds

S&D Euro MPs today welcomed the European Union’s decision to sign the Council of Europe convention on preventing and combating violence against women

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Social rights are back on the European agenda, but concrete action is urgently needed, say S&Ds

S&D Euro MPs today welcomed the Commission’s proposals to bring back the social rights’ agenda to the European scene, but they expect concrete action


And the Misogynist MEP Has Been Sanctioned...

S&D MEP Iratxe García Pérez comments on the European Parliament's decision to punish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke for his declarations against gender

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S&Ds call for recognition of gender equality as policy objective across EU budget areas

The Socialists and Democrats secured a majority in the plenary today in Strasbourg for three important resolutions related to gender equality. In the


Our Fight for Work-Life Balance

Until women and men can share the responsibilities of family life, true gender equality can never be achieved. Currently only 3% of men in Europe take

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Pittella: Mr Korwin-Mikke will be sanctioned as we requested. Misogyny cannot be accepted

Following a request by the Socialists and Democrats Group, EP president Antonio Tajani confirmed that Janusz Korwin-Mikke will be sanctioned for his

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Pittella: We want to ensure access to parental rights for all

On International Women’s Day, S&D Euro MPs called on the European Commission to take action in order to improve the balance of responsibility between

08 Mar 2017

S&D Seminar: Equal Treatment and Rights for Migrant Workers (Labour Migration)

S&D Seminar: Equal Treatment and Rights for Migrant Workers (Labour Migration).A draft programme is attached below.Please register here by Tuesday 7


How to Respond to a Misogynist...

S&D Iratxe García Pérez respond to the misogynistic comments of Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke.“And of course women must earn less than men. They are