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Spot the Difference - Gender pay gap

Spot the Difference - Gender pay gapCan you spot the difference between Marie and Paul?

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S&Ds take the lead in preventing and combating mobbing and sexual harassment in the workplace and in politics

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament led today a coalition calling for decisive measures to prevent and fight mobbing and sexual

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Udo Bullmann to Polish Prime Minister: stop dismantling democracy in Poland!

Today’s debate in the European Parliament on the future of Europe with the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, came at a very troubling time

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First anniversary of the EU’s signature of the Istanbul Convention: Member states must ratify it without further delay

On the first anniversary of the accession of the EU to the Istanbul Convention, the S&Ds are calling on member states to ratify it as soon as possible

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Women’s empowerment must be central to EU’s foreign policy

The European Parliament today backed the S&D Group’s call for female empowerment to be put at the heart of the EU’s foreign policy. Progressive MEPs

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In a historic vote, Irish people show compassion with women in crisis

Reacting to the outcome of the May 25 Irish Referendum that repeals the country's Eighth Amendment, the clause in the Irish constitution that

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S&Ds call on Commission and member states to show they are serious about protecting victims of violence

Speaking after a debate and vote on the implementation report on the European Protection Order, Soraya Post, MEP and S&D spokesperson on human rights

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S&Ds stand side-by-side with Polish women again taking to the streets to defend their rights

Reacting to yesterday evening’s vote in the Polish parliament’s justice and human rights committee to support a ban on abortion in cases of foetal

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Parliament backs strong EU budget for 2019 – reinforcing solidarity and preparing for a sustainable future

The European Parliament today adopted its draft guidelines for the 2019 EU budget. The European Commission will present its draft budget for 2019 at

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S&Ds pressure member states to raise wages and boost public investment

The Socialists and Democrats today received the backing of the European Parliament for their call for wage increases, boosts in public investment and