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We want more for young Europeans!

We want to give young Europeans like Philippe, Myriam and Giusy the chance they deserve to discover and live up to their full potential! This is why

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S&Ds defend EU workers’ rights despite efforts by the conservatives to block progress

Today, the Socialists and Democrats led a majority in the European Parliament to defend two reports aiming at improving and safeguarding the social

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Kick-start for a better Europe: Socialists and Democrats endorse Frans Timmermans as Common Candidate, in Lisbon

Socialists and Democrats from all over Europe have gathered at the PES-Congress in Lisbon to discuss key issues ahead of the 2019 European elections

07 Dec 2018

Sustainable Equality – Shifting to Action 2019-2024 (PES Congress, Lisbon)

Sustainable Equality – Shifting to Action 2019-2024 (PES Congress, Lisbon)The Independent Commission for Sustainable Equality has released a policy

06 Dec 2018

2018 PES Congress

2018 PES Congress.The XI PES Congress will take place on 7-8 December in Lisbon, Portugal. Hundreds of delegates from the PES Member parties across

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S&Ds kick off election campaign at PES congress in Lisbon

The president of the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Udo Bullmann, will participate in the PES Congress in Lisbon on 7-8

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S&Ds achieve breakthrough on the European Child Guarantee

Today, the S&Ds led a majority to support the introduction of a European Child Guarantee, worth €5.9 billion, to help eradicate poverty which hits one

30 Nov 2018

#EuropeTogether event: Call to Europe Conference - United for a Social Europe

#EuropeTogether event: Call to Europe Conference - United for a Social Europe.On Thursday 29 November, we will be holding a “Go Local” event to meet


S&Ds Go Local in Krakow

S&Ds Go Local in Krakow.

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The Progressives will be in Kraków this Friday: Social Europe has to be at the heart of European elections

Socialist and democrat politicians will gather with academics and civil society activists in Kraków on Friday to discuss what we can do better to win