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Pittella: OLAF has clearly increased its effectiveness in safeguarding EU citizens' money

Following the publication of the OLAF Annual Report 2015, the president of the Socialists and Democrats Group, Gianni Pittella commented: “Today’s

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Innovation is a key factor to boost investment in Europe, but it is not enough

Europe needs a shared vision, a common project to revive its economy which is visionary enough to mobilise investors and citizens alike. This was one

31 May 2016

Progressive Economy Forum 2016: Investment & Innovation at the Heart of European Recovery

Progressive Economy Forum 2016: Investment & Innovation at the Heart of European Recovery.The mild recovery that took its first timid steps in 2015 is

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Making investment and innovation a contribution to the recovery of the European economy

After several years of crisis, the European economy has not fully recovered its strength. Growth prospects in the EU remain moderate. Europe is still

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Virtual currencies and Blockchain: smart regulation for smart technologies

Will Blockchain become the infrastructure of the future? Seven years after the launch of Bitcoin, the first and most prominent virtual currency, and

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Pittella: We can't let 'hawks' blackmail Greece. We need an extraordinary Euro Summit to prevent new euro crisis

Reacting to the stalemate in the negotiations on financial assistance for Greece, the president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European

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Commission must put forward proposals to help protect whistle-blowers in the EU

The S&D Group has called on the European Commission to put forward new proposals to protect whistle-blowers in the EU exposing illegal or unethical

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Proposals on corporate tax transparency are good but not good enough, say S&D Euro MPs

The European Commission's proposals on corporate tax transparency, unveiled today in Strasbourg, "are good but not good enough", say S&D Euro MPs.S&D

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Panama Papers: Pittella, S&D Group has ensured an extraordinary plenary discussion

The S&D Group has ensured that the Panama Papers are on the European Parliament's agenda for next week in Strasbourg.S&D Group president Gianni

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The VAT system in Europe has reached a breaking point. It is time for a change, say S&D Euro MPs

S&D Euro MPs today welcome the European Commission's action plan to change the VAT rules in order to eradicate € 50 billion of annual cross-border