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Put the money where it matters! S&Ds reiterate support for InvestEU programme and its beneficiaries

Socialists and Democrats reiterated their support for European programmes that create quality, non-discriminatory jobs, in line with the Green Deal

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S&Ds launch #taxjustice campaign ahead of Parliament’s new tax sub-committee

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today launched a tax justice campaign. This comes a week ahead of the Commission presenting an

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The next MFF must be in place on the 1st January 2021 or we will need a safety net to protect the beneficiaries of EU programmes in place, say S&Ds

In a debate in the European Parliament in Brussels, S&D Group members have reiterated the fact that they will not support the EU budget for the next 7


S&D president on the EU Budget

No winners or losers for the #EUBudget S&D President Iratxe García reminded the Council this morning that the EU needs the financial means to get the

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There are no winners or losers when we establish the EU budget. Only Europe as a whole can lose, says Iratxe García

Today the European Parliament held a plenary debate on the next seven-year EU budget for the period 2021-2027. During the debate, the leader of the S

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EU funds for Europeans, not for populist politicians, say S&Ds

Today in Plenary, S&D MEPs called on the European Commission to take action in the case of misuse of European funds by Czech Prime Minister Andrej

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EU 2021-2027 budget: “A reduced MFF will come at a high cost for citizens”, say S&Ds

Ahead of the EU leaders meeting, S&D MEPs warn that they will not accept the next multiannual EU budget proposal currently on the table, unless it

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The Council must unblock the negotiations on the next multiannual budget before the end of the year, says Iratxe García

Today at the conference of all political group presidents, Iratxe García called on the European Parliament president David Sassoli to urge national

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EU 2020 budget: Europe's priorities are our priorities

Three weeks of conciliation came to an end late last night, as our S&D members, together with representatives of the Commission and Council reached an

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EU 2020 Budget - highest EP stance ever on climate change and youth

Today, in Plenary, the S&D Group pushed for the highest ever EU budget, focused on our priorities. Adding up to 3 billion euros more to the initial