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InvestEU Programme must be a guarantee for job creation, growth and innovation, say S&Ds

The Socialists and Democrats led today a vote in the economic and monetary affairs committee to establish the InvestEU Programme - a single structure

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S&Ds: We outweighed Council resistance for a progressive and concrete Budget 2019

Following today’s approval in the plenary session in Strasbourg, a progressive Budget 2019 of the European Union is now a reality. After tough


This Budget is for you!

This Budget is for you!The EU Parliament gave another chance to Europe. Now it’s up to member states to show they believe in the European future

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S&Ds: By refusing to modify its budget plan, the Italian government destroys its credibility and mutual trust in the EU

Following the decision by the Italian government not to change its budgetary targets, despite the possibility of EU sanctions, the vice-president of

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S&Ds: the EU Parliament adopted a pro-European budget 2019. The Council must demonstrate its commitment to live up to EU citizens’ expectations

Following today’s vote in Plenary, which confirmed the adoption of the Parliament position on General Budget 2019, the Conciliation phase will now

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The populist government sells out Italian’s future for cheap electoral gains and jeopardise the needed review on the Stability and Growth Pact

S&D Euro MPs are calling on the Italian authorities to engage in constructive dialogue with the EU in order to present a budget for 2019 aiming at

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S&Ds: the European Parliament voted for the Budget 2019 and to overturn the Council’s selfishness and buck-passing attitude

Following the vote today in plenary and the adoption of the European Parliament negotiation position on the Budget 2019, general rapporteur and S&D

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S&Ds welcome agreement on Greece and call for the EMU to become an engine for growth and sustainable development

During a debate in the European Parliament on the conclusion of the third economic adjustment programme for Greece, S&D MEPs called for an ambitious

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R&I: the S&D Group expects at least €120 billion for Horizon Europe budget

Research and Innovation are crucial to ensure a smooth transition to a sustainable social and economic model. This is why today the Socialists and

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The budgetary proposal for EU investment in strategic infrastructure lacks coherence and ambition, says Kathleen Van Brempt

Today the European Commission presented its budgetary proposal for the strategic infrastructures in the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for