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Put the money where it matters! S&Ds reiterate support for InvestEU programme and its beneficiaries

Socialists and Democrats reiterated their support for European programmes that create quality, non-discriminatory jobs, in line with the Green Deal

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Financing the Green Deal: not a single Euro of public funding must flow into harming our people and planet

Following the Socialists and Democrats’ lead, the European Parliament last week endorsed, with the Climate Law, an ambitious 60% emissions reduction

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S&D MEPs and S&D national MPs vow to move forward the next EU budget and new revenues to finance the Recovery Plan

Today, the Socialists and Democrats bureau and heads of national delegations in the European Parliament held a virtual meeting with MPs from the

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S&Ds demand a binding calendar for the introduction of European own resources

Socialists and Democrats defended in a vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday their position on a new system of own resources for the EU’s

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ReactEU is a lifeline for the people. We must fund it solidly, say S&Ds

S&Ds demand real support for those people and regions hardest hit by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Members in the committee for regional

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We urge the Council to rethink its stance on own resources, say S&Ds

As negotiations for the next multi-annual European budget and the recovery plan resume, S&Ds call on the European Council to raise its ambition for a

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Another Europe is possible, based on clear commitments to EU values, says S&D leader Iratxe García

The European Parliament today agreed on a resolution on the conclusions of the extraordinary European Council meeting of 17-21 July 2020. Socialists


How politics can shape the economy in Europe? Iratxe García on the European Council Deal

The European Council reached a historical agreement and now it’s time for the European Parliament to have its say. To ensure the best accountability

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The European Council reached a historical deal for the Recovery Fund, but the Parliament will amend the EU budget, says Iratxe García

Following the announcement of a deal in the European Council, S&D leader, Iratxe García, said: “The European Council reached a historical agreement

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Charles Michel’s proposal on the Recovery Plan/MFF is ‘disappointing’, says Iratxe García

The Socialists and Democrats today voiced concerns on the proposal made by the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, on the Recovery Plan