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"European citizens deserve a fair tax system in Europe", say S&D Euro MPs

S&D Euro MP Eva Kaili today will lead a cross–party majority in the European Parliament on a wide range of measures to tackle tax fraud, tax evasion

04 Mar 2015

Progressive Economy Conference 4 March 2015: Reconciling Economic Growth & Social Progress: A Challenge?

The first part of the conference will be devoted to a presentation of the independent Annual Growth Survey 2015. This report proposes an independent

Press release

S&Ds welcome special committee to prevent new LuxLeaks or SwissLeaks scandals

In the wake of the LuxLeaks and SwissLeaks scandals, the European Parliament – with the support of the S&D Euro MPs – today gave its green light to


6 key points for TAX justice in Europe

One year ago, the Luxleaks scandal revealed the existence of unfair tax practices between some EU Governments and multinationals. Under the impulse of

10 Dec 2014

S&D Conference on Corporate Governance - The key to ending short-termism in EU companies?

Join us and discuss with the acting Director-General from DG Justice, the Italian Presidency, a multinational company and Trade Union representatives

14 Oct 2014

Tackling Tax Crimes in the EU - The Perspective of Tax Collectors

15h00 : Welcome by Ana Gomes, S&D MEP15h10 : Paulo Ralha15h30 : Serge Colin15h50 : Debate16h50 : Conclusion by Elisa Ferreira, S&D MEP[[{"fid":"129544


A fair economy at the service of people

We were at the forefront in the fight against austerity. We put people before numbers. In response to the unnecessary harsh austerity measures and the


Fairly tackling taxes

As far as money laundering, tax evasion, tax avoidance, and unfair tax competition between EU countries go, we have led on a series of actions and


Consumer and privacy protection

Thanks to our persistent demands and decisive action, high roaming charges and extortionate bills for international phone calls are now a thing of the