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S&D Group: "Commission Work Programme is positive, but the time has come to be bolder!"

Today, the S&D Group welcomed the presentation of the Commission´s Work Programme for 2016, which includes several proposals the group has been

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"There is now a new agenda for tax justice" say S&D Euro MPs

After more than six months of intensive investigations into the aggressive tax planning exemplified by the tax rulings and similar measures that

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S&D Group set blacklist for companies that disregarded invitation from TAXE Special Committee

The TAXE special committee sent invitations to various multinational enterprises in order to question them about their tax policies and practices, a

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S&D Group on Tax rulings: "Starbucks and Fiat illegal - New dimension in fight for tax justice"

The S&D Group welcomes today's Commission decision on tax rulings, in which the Commission concluded that "Luxembourg has granted selective tax

30 Jun 2015

Country-By-Country Reporting Seminar

With the participation of: Sergio Cofferati - S&D Group MEP, Rapporteur on Shareholders Rights DirectiveAnneliese Dodds - S&D Group MEP, Co-rapporteur

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"Countries show mostly no sense of wrongdoing - we need a change of corporate taxation system" say S&D Euro MPs

In today's meeting, the TAXE special committee of the European Parliament discussed, among other things, the results of its on-site delegation visits

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"The tax action plan is a further step in the right direction but more needs to be done," say S&D Euro MPs

S&D Euro MPs today welcomed the tax action plan proposed by the Commission as "a further step in the right direction". They called on the EU

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"Whistle-blowers acting in the public interest must be protected", say S&D Euro MPs

Whistle-blowers and investigative journalists, who uncover scandals in the public interest, have to be legally protected throughout the EU. The

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LuxLeaks: S&D wins ground-breaking vote on mandatory tax disclosures

Today in Brussels, Euro MPs backed a proposal by S&D MEP Sergio Cofferati, to oblige large EU companies to openly declare the taxes paid in each

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“Commission’s proposal on tax transparency is a good start, but more is needed” say S&Ds

S&D MEPs called on the European Commission to propose further measures to stop tax fiddling, during a debate with European commissioner Pierre