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Jeppe Kofod on the Role of Intermediaries | Panama Papers

S&D MEP and European Parliament Rapporteur sums up the Panama Papers Committee of Inquiry's hearings with intermediaries (banks, accountants and law

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Pittella a primus inter pares president - My vision for an inclusive and efficient European Parliament

Brexit, the migration humanitarian emergency, the threat of terrorism, armed conflicts at our doorsteps and the long lasting economic crisis have

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S&D Group: PANA committee must have full access to documents on past tax practices

Following the recent press revelations leaked by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists concerning allegations that some member

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LuxLeaks trial: We need EU-wide protections for whistleblowers

Speaking ahead of the LuxLeaks appeal trial, S&D MEPs have called on the European Commission to finally take action and ensure whistleblowers are


Elly Schlein on Helping Developing Countries in the Fight against Tax Evasion

Read "Helping developing countries in the fight against tax evasion and tax avoidance — what the Panama Papers tell us and what we need to do" by Elly

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New VAT rules are good news for online businesses – EU member states should endorse them, say S&Ds

S&D Euro MPs today welcomed the VAT rules proposed by the European Commission to make life easier for e-commerce and online businesses in the EU, and

16 Nov 2016

S&D Conference: Public Country-By-Country Reporting. Achieving Corporate Tax Transparency

S&D Conference: Public Country-By-Country Reporting. Achieving Corporate Tax TransparencyPlease register by Tuesday 15 November by filling in the form


Hugues Bayet on the EP Vote on Tax Evasion by Multinationals

Voting on a proposal by S&D MEP Hugues Bayet, the European Parliament gave the green light in Strasbourg today to a series of measures designed to

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Pittella : A common and consolidated basis for corporate taxation is essential and necessary to fight tax evasion efficiently

S&D Euro MPs today welcomed with satisfaction the new common rules on corporate taxation proposed by the European Commission and urged the member

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Europe needs harmonised rules to protect whistle-blowers

The European Commission needs to come forward with a proposal on EU wide legislation to protect those who expose wrongdoing or misconduct for the