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CRR Quick Fix: S&Ds lead European Parliament in adopting rules to ensure banks play constructive role in economic recovery

Today, the economic and monetary affairs committee in the European Parliament will vote on an S&D report temporarily amending the Capital Requirements

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S&Ds tell Ursula von der Leyen to remain firm when negotiating the Recovery Plan with the Council

Today the Group of the Socialists and Democrats hosted Commission president Ursula von der Leyen during its remote meeting. In a lively exchange, S&D


The Covid-19 Pandemic: S&D recovery plan for democracy & fundamental rights

As the world labours to slow the Covid-19 pandemic by using major and restrictive social measures, Socialists and Democrats believe that we should


Iratxe García: It's not about money, it's about Europe

“It is intolerable that 23 pro-EU countries are hostage to four preferring a national response. It's not about more or less money, it's about

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“The Recovery Plan is a historical investment that we owe to future generations,” says Iratxe García

Today, Commission president Ursula von der Leyen presented to the plenary of the European Parliament three proposals for a Recovery Plan, a

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S&Ds lead European Parliament’s response on the European Recovery Plan

Socialists and Democrats call on the European Commission to come up with an ambitious recovery plan to respond to the economic emergency created by

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“We must act now. Later will be too late!” - S&Ds pressure EU institutions to save the tourism sector from bankruptcy

With the tourism and travel sector in the EU coming to a near standstill, Socialists and Democrats call on the European Commission, EU Council and the


Europe day celebration: let's make history again!

Europe day celebration: 70 years after the creation of the European coal and steel community, we are called to make history, again! Workers in the

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S&D online event tonight: Iratxe García & progressive leaders to discuss their vision for “A new beginning for Europe!”

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Schuman declaration (9 May), progressive forces are coming together for an event on solidarity. The COVID-19