• Faced with the refugee crisis, European governments have failed miserably. While European countries bicker amongst themselves, people are dying and Europe continues to disintegrate. We, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament and across Europe, call on the European heads of state and govern ment to work together to achieve real progress: 

    1. Humanitarian aid within Europe

    Emergency humanitarian aid is needed – in Greece and elsewhere in Europe – to provide food, shelter and healthcare for refugees. 

    2. Fair burden sharing between countries

    Financial aid is needed for Greece as well as for Syria’s neighbours. 

    3. Relocation of refugees and consequences for governments that refuse to honour their commitments

    A decision has already been made to resettle refugees and it needs to be put in action immediately. We can no longer drag our feet. Governments that do not respect their legal obligations should face the consequences.  

    4. Measures to protect Schengen 

    The collapse of the border-free Schengen zone would be a disaster for the European Union. Temporary measures controls need to remain temporary and we need a clear plan to end them.

    5. The Dublin Regulation needs to be revised

    The Dublin Regulation stated that refugees need to file for asylum in the first country they reach. This agreement is now dead. The European Commission must come up with a realistic new solution that shares the responsibility between EU member states. 

    We must act now to save lives, to save Schengen, to save Europe.

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