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Happy biodiversity day. We welcome the EU Commission’s strategy on biodiversity

Following today’s presentation of the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy by the European Commission and in view of the upcoming biodiversity day, the 22 of


Further funds to the EU’s agriculture sector

The committee on agriculture in the European Parliament has taken a fundamental decision in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic: adopt the transitional


Verringern, wiederverwenden und wiederverwerten (Video ansehen)

Wenn wir uns nicht heute um unseren Planeten kümmern, gibt es morgen keine Wirtschaft und keine Arbeitsplätze, die wir schützen müssen. Wir setzen eine Kette von Ereignissen in Gang, die zu völliger


Europe Together Go local tour - Finland

Europe Together Go local tour - FinlandWatch the highlights of the debate with our Finnish MEP Miapetra Kumpula, Former President of Finland Tarja


Europe Together Go local tour - Estonia

Europe Together Go local tour - EstoniaWatch the highlights of the debate with our Estonian MEP Ivari Padar


For a Clean and Sustainable Agriculture

We want agricultural funds that support small and eco-friendly farmers. What we eat is very important.


What a Waste! Let's Move towards a Circular Economy

What a Waste! Let's Move towards a Circular Economy.Every year Europe throws away 600 million tonnes of waste, that's crazy! Europe has to curb its


Paolo de Castro on unfair practices in the food supply chain

After having lived for more than 10 years in a legislative labyrinth made of 20 different national legislations, finally the Commissioner, Phil Hogan


What Can We Do for Bees?

If all the bees in the world died, humans would (likely) not survive. Acting as exquisite little chemists, bees pollinate 84% of plant species and 76%


This Week in Strasbourg | Whistleblowers, Workers' Rights, Glyphosate, EU Budget and More...

Fighting for freedom, protecting whistle-blowers, saving workers' lives, providing resources for growth and jobs, phasing out glyphosate, fighting