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The Future of EU finances

In three years' time, a new Financial Framework will shape the budget of the Union. A debate on the future financing is impossible without taking into account the balance sheet of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2014-2020. The fragile state of the EU's finances today reflects its...

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S&D Strategy on the Revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) (2014-2020)

Parliament anticipated, Parliament warned.

The S&D Group has continually raised concerns regarding the structural insufficiencies and scarcity of resources available under the current Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). When negotiating the MFF for the period 2014...

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Completing and rebalancing economic and monetary union. A democratic call

In this position paper, the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament calls for a major overhaul of Europe's Economic and Monetary Union. It contributes to identify, and to define, why and how EMU should evolve from the near to the more distant future.

The Eurozone has...

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Preventing a new Eurozone crisis: towards a new deal for Greece and the EMU

It is now clear that Greek people are rejecting policies against which European Socialists and Democrats have been fighting for years: abrupt fiscal consolidation combined with sharp labour cost cuts, leading to large-scale unemployment and poverty. They are also rejecting that the default...

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Ending the crisis and building new sustainable and shared prosperity - our call for an ambitious european investment strategy

Seven years into the economic crisis, Europe is at risk of sliding back into recession and, beyond, to enter a prolonged period of low growth, low inflation, and persistent unemployment, if not secular stagnation.

Inequality among social groups and the gap between member states are both...

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Towards a fair and sustainable taxation system: what we achieved so far, and much more still to do

In 2008 Europe was hit by an unprecedented financial, economic and social crisis. Although neither tax avoidance, nor tax fraud, nor tax havens caused the crisis, their impact on public finances made the recovery vastly more difficult.

The S&D Group has for several years led the fight...

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A growth and employment strategy for Europe

The crisis which started in 2007 forced both Europe's member states and the US to use their fiscal policies in the attempt to prevent a long‐lasting recession, or even depression. The US policies have proven more effective, because they were faster, stronger and longer‐lasting. By contrast, the...

iAGS 2017 - independent Anual Growth Survey, 5th report. The Elusive Recovery

iAGS 2017 - independent Anual Growth Survey, 5th report. The Elusive Recovery

iAGS 2017 - independent Anual Growth Survey, 5th report. The Elusive Recovery

The independent Annual Growth Survey is carried out every year by renowned economic institutes.

For its fifth edition, the 2017 iAGS was produced by experts from four institutes:...