Gender equality

Equality is one of our touchstone issues and our fight continues on many fronts.

Equality is one of our touchstone issues and our fight continues on many fronts. 

We have put the problem of poverty among women firmly on the political agenda, particularly as the economic crisis has hit women more than men. Our economic strategy emphasises the importance of helping women into work, to mobilise the talents of women in Europe's efforts to restore growth and economic recovery.

We have also put the spotlight on job insecurity for women. Many women have been unable to get full-time jobs and have had to take part-time or unpaid work, risking falling into poverty. We are also committed to better pensions for elderly women and wider access to high-quality affordable childcare to help give women access to the labour market. 

The S&D Group has a long-running campaign to guarantee women the same pay as men doing the same jobs. The gender pay gap is currently 16.4%, so women are effectively working two months a year for no pay. We want the European Commission to present an ambitious strategy and revise the EU directive on the gender pay gap.

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