Fair taxation: fighting the tax cheats

Fair taxation

A fair tax system can close the loopholes and the tax havens, bringing in billions of euros to spend on jobs, innovation, public services and balancing budgets.

Our priorities:

We led the campaign for a financial transaction tax (the 'Robin Hood Tax'), so that the financial institutions that caused the global recession pay a fair share of the costs, not ordinary citizens. 

We are also leading the call for action to close down tax havens and stamp out the tax evasion that costs Europe €1 trillion a year. Tax fraud pushes up tax bills for the rest of us, aggravates the debt crisis and cuts the funds available for investment, public services and the social safety net for those who fall on hard times. 

We want closer European co-ordination on taxing companies to stop big business shopping around and threatening to move to countries with lower taxes. 

The S&Ds have long campaigned on these issues and we'll keep fighting until we can make Europe's tax system fair for everyone. Find out more about our #TaxJustice campaign.

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