Europe in the world: promoting solidarity, freedom, justice and equality

Foreign policy

Foreign and security policies are an integral part of the EU's activities, especially since the Lisbon Treaty. Today, the EU has a more powerful voice in the world than ever before, but the challenges we face are also bigger than ever – from confronting the crisis in Syria to helping the Arab Spring countries back on their feet, and from fighting poverty in Africa to boosting international trade. 

We have a lot of work to do and the Socialists and Democrats want action. We want to see human rights come before business and profit, to make sure EU jobs are not undercut by unfair overseas competition and to create a safe world free from weapons of mass destruction. The Socialists and Democrats also contribute to promoting our values through close co-operation with social-democratic political forces across the world.

Despite its difficulties, Europe is a unique and successful model of peaceful regional integration and the social market economy. It is well placed to promote effective multilateralism, freedom, justice, global solidarity, development co-operation and good governance. Current global trends mean Europe's positive influence is needed more than ever.

Therefore, we cannot allow the current financial and economic crisis to lead to a defensive and inward-looking Europe. 



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