Decent work for all

Decent work for all

While the right-wing in Europe believe growing inequality, falling social standards and increasing job insecurity are an acceptable price to pay for economic success, we believe this is plain wrong and does not work. Full-time workers in Europe should be able to expect a decent living wage. 

We want to see action at an EU level on:

  • combatting unfair competition at workers' expense.
  • a legal guarantee of equal pay and rights for work of equal value within every European workplace.
  • a decent minimum wage – equal to at least 60% of the national median – in every country.
  • real progress on a European Youth Guarantee.
  • common quality standards for apprenticeships and internships.
  • stronger laws and better enforcement to ensure decent employment conditions for all.
  • a renewed health and safety strategy and a better work-life balance.
Find out more about the European Youth Guarantee


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