An ambitious vision for the Energy Union: Our priorities

Energy Union: sustainable and energy-independent Europe

Making the transition to a sustainable and carbon-free Energy Union involving the creation of millions of new jobs., that’s our vision for the proposed new Energy Union.

The Socialist & Democrat Group in the European Parliament believes that the EU's energy union should include the following priorities:

• Making the transition to a sustainable, decarbonised economy, based on energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart infrastructure
• Guaranteeing secure, stable and affordable energy for European industry and citizens, with a particular emphasis on job creation and tackling energy poverty among vulnerable consumers
• Ensuring security of energy supply and an end on reliance on energy imports for which we pay €420 billion annually, primarily through reducing demand by investing domestically in buildings and transport, increasing the share of large and small scale renewables and building new infrastructure to link up Europe's energy grids in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

As Socialists & Democrats, we believe that it is vital that we lead the fight for a progressive energy union with a strong social element, based on pushing the no-regrets options of renewables, energy efficiency and smart infrastructure. In fact these are the most economically efficient options in the long-term.

We will fight to ensure the status quo and short-sightedness of the old vested interests do not prevail. Now is the time to be bold and put forward our long-term vision for an energy union which really works for citizens and industry alike.

Read the S&D position on Energy Union below.

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