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EU and Latin American progressives join forces in Chile, GPF president, S&D MEP Enrique Guerrero Salom,

EU and Latin American progressives join forces in Chile

Backed by Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, European and Latin American progressives join forces in a major event in Santiago, Chile, aiming at enhancing EU-Latin America co-operation. The event,...
Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

S&Ds - Weekly Update. This week's highlights and what's coming up

Quote of the week “In front of the Hungarian people, we want to be clear on this: It is not Europe who is confronting Hungary, it is not Europe who is attacking your newspapers, closing independent...
S&D Group welcomes the agreement between political parties in Skopje, Howitt, European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, governing party VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski, SDSM party, Special Prosecutor, Knut Fleckenstein,

Pittella: S&Ds condemn political violence in Skopje. After Orbán, VMRO is another awkward member of the EPP family

Following the outrageous attacks on MPs in Skopje, the leader of the S&D Group, Gianni Pittella, stated: “We condemn in the strongest terms the violence that erupted yesterday in Skopje against...
Harnessing globalisation means shaping it to the benefit of all

S&D Group: Harnessing globalisation means shaping it to the benefit of all

The S&D Group has presented the Commission with 10 overarching priorities on harnessing globalisation as their contribution to the European Commission’s forthcoming reflection paper. Recognising...

CDU stands with far right extremists to score cheap political points

During a vote on the budget discharge of the European Parliament, members of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany party (CDU) have voted on a series of amendments attempting to attack SPD...
Trump’s announced tax cut threatens to launch a race-to-the-bottom, G20 and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Pervenche Berès, Paul Tang, Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Basis (CCCTB),

Trump’s announced tax cut threatens to launch a race-to-the-bottom

The proposals for a US tax reform presented yesterday in Washington could change the current progressive international tax climate back into a world of policies made for the rich by the rich...
S&Ds push for binding legislation on due diligence obligations for supply chains in the garment sector, Arne Lietz MEP, Trade and development policy, S&D MEP Linda McAvan, Nobert Neuser MEP, S&D MEP Agnes Jongerius,

Grupa S&D naciska na wiążące prawodawstwo dotyczące obowiązków wynikających z należytej staranności w odniesieniu do łańcuchów dostaw w sektorze konfekcyjnym

Socjaliści i Demokraci przewodzili dziś ponadpartyjnej większości, wzywając Komisję do przyjęcia wiążących zasad dotyczących odpowiedzialnych społecznie praktyk w globalnych łańcuchach dostaw w...
S&Ds welcome new EU rules to secure gas supplies in Europe, Security of Gas Supply, Theresa Griffin, S&D MEP, EU’s energy security, #EndEnergyPoverty,

Grupa S&D przyjmuje z zadowoleniem nowe przepisy UE mające na celu zapewnienie dostaw gazu w Europie

Negocjatorzy Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady osiągnęli wczoraj porozumienie w sprawie nowego rozporządzenia w sprawie bezpieczeństwa dostaw gazu. Nowe przepisy zapewniają skoordynowane, regionalne...