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Syria: the world's biggest humanitarian crisis urgently needs to be addressed, UK, Germany, Kuwait and the UN will co-host the Syria Donors Conference 2016, Gianni Pittella, Linda McAvan, education funding gap, Enrique Guerrero Salom, Syrian town of Maday

High time to address the challenge of climate change refugees

Every year millions of people are forced to flee from their homes, and in many cases their countries, because of floods, windstorms, earthquakes, droughts or other ravages of climate changes. Yet...
People holding Greek and EU flag

“The EU must focus on building a sustainable future for Greece” says Udo Bullmann

Ahead of today's Eurogroup meeting, S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann calls on the Eurozone finance ministers to move talks on the Greek programme to the next stage and to start focussing on building...
Piles of coins wiht green shoots growing out of them

It is high time sustainability is put at the core of investors’ duties, say S&Ds on Commission proposal

Reacting to the Commission’s proposal on sustainable finance put forward today, S&D Group spokesperson on economic and monetary affairs, Pervenche Berès MEP, said: “The Socialists and Democrats...
Sign post - Clean Air Zone

Cities will be able to properly enforce their air quality policies at EU level, say S&Ds

More and more cities in Europe are trying to impose restrictions on highly contaminating vehicles. However, it is difficult to enforce these measures as long as these vehicles continue to cross...
EU stars and letters BONDS over them

S&Ds call for all-weather proof safe assets to break vicious circle between banks and states

Reacting to the European Commission’s plan to create sovereign bond-backed securities (SBBS), by bundling together bonds issued by all 19 Eurozone countries, S&D Group spokesperson on economic...
Eurovignette logo

S&Ds want to replace the Eurovignette with a fairer system to charge road users

The high impact of road transport on the environment as well as the degradation of road infrastructure have a cost for society, but not everyone should pay for it, only those responsible. In fact,...
MFF revision: 1.2 billion to tackle youth unemployment but more ambition needed, S&D vice-president Isabelle Thomas, Eider Gardiazábal Rubial, #TaxJustice,

Grupa S&D: Komisja żongluje liczbami w budżecie UE: za fałszywą narracją kryje się twarda rzeczywistość

Po przedstawieniu dziś na konferencji prasowej w Brukseli rzeczywistych liczb - opracowanych przez służby Parlamentu Europejskiego - kryjących się za fałszywą narracją na temat budżetu UE,...
Facebook-CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Udo Bullmann naciska przycisk „kciuk w dół” po spotkaniu z Zuckerbergiem w Parlamencie Europejskim

Po spotkaniu przedstawicieli Parlamentu Europejskiego z prezesem Facebooka, Markiem Zuckerbergiem, przewodniczący Grupy S&D, Udo Bullmann powiedział: - To był dopiero początek tego, co musi być...