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European Central Bank

S&D Euro MPs rejected Luis de Guindos for ECB and urged eurozone leaders for more transparency in the selection process

The Socialists and Democrats rejected the appointment of Luis de Guindos as European central bank’s vice-president during a vote taking place today in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. For...
Puzzle with writing living wage better life

S&Ds pressure member states to raise wages and boost public investment

The Socialists and Democrats today received the backing of the European Parliament for their call for wage increases, boosts in public investment and combatting inequalities. The 2018 European...
TRADE TARRIFS - on blue background

S&Ds warn of tit-for-tat escalation between EU and US, as trade war has no winners

The Socialists and Democrats strongly condemned US President Trump’s decision to impose heavy tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, at a plenary debate in the European Parliament this morning. They...
rebel-held Eastern Ghouta map

The S&Ds demand immediate ceasefire throughout Syria

As unspeakable horrors continue to take place in Eastern Ghouta and other parts of Syria, the S&D Group has pushed the European Parliament to hold a new debate on Syria. In the resolution that...
Magnifying glass over TAX on a puzzle

Finally some good news from member states on tax. Rules to bolster EU tax transparency are progress, say S&Ds

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today welcome EU finance ministers’ decisions to strengthen tax transparency. S&D Group vice-president for economic and monetary affairs,...
Man walking on planet with sun rise in front of him

EU mayors deserve stronger support in their fight against climate change, say S&Ds

Socialists and Democrats are strongly committed to deliver on the COP 21 UN Climate Change Agreement adopted in Paris in 2015, in which 195 nations set out a global action plan to limit global...