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man holding globe in hands between two laptops

European Commission needs to be bolder on artificial intelligence

S&D MEPs welcomed the fact the European Commission has come forward with proposals on the future of artificial intelligence but were disappointed by the ambition shown. S&D Group vice-...
Tax Justice - all companies must pay

Time to put an end to forum shopping and letter-box companies

The S&D Group welcomed proposals from the European Commission designed to create clearer rules for when a company wants to move across borders, and also to crack down on companies artificially...
S&D Euro MPs back Commission proposal to boost financing of Youth Employment Initiative

Youth Strategy: The young should participate in decision-making and have fair access to quality jobs

Young people were particularly hard-hit by the financial crisis in 2008 and still suffer from high unemployment, or have become the working-poor. The S&D Group fights to give young people a voice...
Graduation hat on yellow background - More for education! words

S&Ds urge member states to boost investments in quality and inclusive education

Education plays a crucial role in giving European citizens a more equal chance in life. Yet, according to the recent PISA * tests, every fifth European pupil faces problems with basic skills such as...
Two years after the Rana Plaza tragedy, Bangladesh textile factories are far from humane

S&Ds call on the European Commission to demand better working conditions in Bangladesh

Five years ago, the world watched with great shock at the images of the collapsed clothing factory Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. The European Commission gave the government of Bangladesh a deadline to...
Syria War - chemical bomb attack explosion

S&Ds: international community should double the efforts to end the war in Syria

As the EU-UN second conference on the Future of Syria started today in Brussels, the Socialists and Democrats call on the EU members states for further ambitious pledges for Syrians in need, and...
Nicaragua to stop repression - people in street demonstrating

S&Ds urge the government of Nicaragua to stop repression against its citizens

Police repression to diffuse citizens’ mobilisation against the reform of social security proposed by the government of Nicaragua has left at least 30 dead over the weekend. The S&D Group in the...