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Spot light on europe and words banking union

Pittella: We were expecting a more ambitious EMU reform. We will fight to scrap the fiscal compact

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are not satisfied by the reform of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) proposed today by the European Commission. S&D Group leader Gianni...
S&D vice-president Enrique Guerrero Salom to represent Global Progressive Forum at Montreal left-wing leaders’ summit

WTO/Argentina: The Global Progressive Forum calls on Argentina to guarantee democracy ahead of the WTO conference in Buenos Aires

The Global Progressive Forum strongly regrets the Argentinian government’s decision to deny access to several trade unions and NGOs at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) conference taking place in...
island and tree and eradicate tax havens under it

The EU blacklist of tax havens is only a first step; jurisdictions must respect their commitments, say S&Ds

The Socialists and Democrats welcomed the blacklist of tax havens approved by EU finance ministers but warned the member states about the need to seriously follow-up on commitments and deplore the...
man holding envelope with lots of cash

Parliament backs new rules on cash entering and leaving the EU

Today large sums of cash are often used for criminal activities, such as money laundering or terrorism, because cash is easily transferable and very difficult to trace. This is why people carrying...
Bank sign on glass wall

Single Resolution Board chair is renewed, but not without concerns

The Socialists and Democrats in the economic and monetary affairs committee, today, backed the renewal of Elke König as chair of the Single Resolution Board. However, they have raised concerns...

Pittella: Centeno as Eurogroup president is a victory for Europe against blind austerity

S&D Group leader Gianni Pittella congratulates Portuguese minister of finance Màrio Centeno who has been elected as the new president of the Eurogroup. Màrio Centeno will replace Jeroen...
PES Lisbon

Pittella: A common progressive candidate for European Commission presidency is a victory for democracy and the EU

Following the PES Council in Lisbon and the decision to preserve the Spitzenkandidaten system for the election of the next president of the European Commission, the S&D leader, Gianni Pittella,...