Swoboda on EU unemployment: “Conservative elites are ignoring the unemployment crisis in Europe”

Europe back to work. A 10-point plan for change

While the US unemployment rate dropped to 6.3% in April, in the eurozone and the EU unemployment rates are still almost twice that level, with 11.8% and 10.5% of people without jobs respectively.

Hannes Swoboda, president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, commented on the figures:

“The investment and economic policies of the US government and the Federal Reserve have long been paying off: their citizens have opportunities to find and keep jobs. The clear trend of shrinking unemployment shows that the US did the right thing, investing during tough times rather than cutting all expenditure until the economy is paralysed.

“In Europe we see the opposite: painfully high unemployment levels. The conservative EU leadership have talked a lot, but done nothing to actually create job opportunities for Europeans. Mr Barroso and Mr Rehn have instead embarked on a distraction campaign, trying to talk down the catastrophe of unending high unemployment in the EU.

“More talk from these conservatives will not help, their austerity policy has clearly failed. Their other policy of hiding from reality will not work either.

“In March 2014, EU unemployment was at 10.5%, down only slightly from 2013’s 10.9%, and still above the rate of March 2012 (10.2%), March 2011 (9.5%), March 2010 (9.6%) and March 2009 (8.3%). This is not a recovery, this is wishful thinking. We need to change Europe’s economic and investment policy, it is as simple as that.”

Europe back to work - A 10 point plan for change