S&Ds call for EU initiative for two-state solution in the Middle East

S&Ds call for EU initiative for two-state solution in the Middle East

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution supporting the two-state solution in the Middle East and called for EU action.

S&D Group vice-president Victor Boştinaru said:

"This resolution aims to support the EU's high representative for foreign affairs, Federica Mogherini, in her efforts to give the European Union a political role in the Middle East peace process. It is in this spirit that we call for a European peace initiative with a set timeframe leading to tangible results in the context of the two-state solution, which should include an international monitoring and implementation mechanism. This initiative must be accompanied by our continued engagement with key regional and international players, in particular the Middle East Quartet. European Union action can make the difference."

S&D Group vice-president Elena Valenciano said:

"The two-state solution remains the only chance for achieving a lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Protecting and preserving its viability must be therefore the immediate priority in European Union policies and action. We call again on Israel to immediately halt and reverse its settlement policy in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. We also call for an end to the demolition of Palestinian homes and EU-funded projects, as well as to the forced displacement of Palestinian families and the confiscation of Palestinian property. We support civil society groups on both sides, including human-rights organisations, which contribute to peace efforts and confidence-building between Israelis and Palestinians."