S&Ds back a reinforced Erasmus+ with more funding

Erasmus+ for education, training, youth and sport

The members of the culture and education committee in the European Parliament today backed an informal agreement with the Council to launch a new multi-annual programme called Erasmus+ for education, training, youth and sport that will consolidate several student, mobility, youth and life-long programmes into one.

Socialists and Democrats support the agreement because it will keep the different brands for programmes such as Comenius or Leonardo Da Vinci. It will also provide more funding for youth work and new areas like non-profit sport events.

S&D spokesperson on the issue, MEP Katarína Neveďalová, said:

“The Union programme on education, training, youth and sport provides more possibilities for more than 4 million people who will benefit from EU grants over the next seven years for education and training. Furthermore, it promotes social inclusion, access for everybody and the participation of young people with special needs and fewer opportunities."

"I am especially delighted that the regulation creates a specific subchapter on youth with a clear budget, its own objectives in order to support youth exchanges, youth initiatives and citizenship projects as well as the work of youth organisations and volunteering."

S&D spokesperson on culture and education, MEP Petra Kammerevert, said:

“Erasmus is probably the most successful EU programme. More than three million students have already participated in this experience, and we want many more to have the possibility to learn or to be trained in a different country. This experience not only increases the academic and professional potential of the candidates, but also builds a true European community.”