S&D MEPs at Warsaw climate change conference push for binding agreement

S&D MEPs at Warsaw climate change conference

Three S&D MEPs are now in Warsaw as part of the European Parliament delegation to the UN climate conference taking place this week. The 19th Conference of Parties (COP19) will aim to define a clear pathway towards a binding global climate agreement to be concluded in Paris in 2015. 

MEPs Matthias Groote, Dan Jørgensen and Kriton Arsenis are there to represent the Socialists and Democrats Group, trying to show other delegations how Europe leads by example.

Matthias Groote, chair of the European Parliament delegation and chairman of the parliamentary environment committee, said:

"The EU has already committed itself to reducing emissions to 20% below 1990 levels by 2020. Now we want real pledges from all regions of the world. We want to move forward now – we have to look ahead to the next conference in Paris in 2015 and we have to push for binding commitments from developing countries too. We also need more financial support from developed countries."

Dan Jørgensen, S&D spokesperson on climate change, said:

"COP19 is taking place at a moment when the world is experiencing a natural disaster of devastating scale in the Philippines – this shows the urgent need for climate action. It's time for the nations of this world to find a practical way to secure economic support for developing countries to both deal with the major consequences of climate change and to find greener solutions for their economic development.

"The consequences of climate change are severe and cannot be ignored. COP19 must deliver a firm, ambitious and robust roadmap towards a binding global climate agreement at the Paris 2015 conference. Special interests must be put aside, for the sake of both current and future generations.

"The countries that lead the way and take on the challenge of climate action will be the winners of tomorrow. The countries who sit back and do nothing will lose. Climate action is not only necessary, it is an opportunity to create new jobs and sustainable growth – exactly what the world is longing for right now."

S&D MEP Kriton Arsenis added:

"Mitigation commitments are urgently needed well before an agreement in Paris in 2015 and time is running out. Countries should use the Warsaw conference to preannounce their commitments early in 2014 so that we can effectively assess whether more ambition will be required before the Paris conference. Four years after the failure in Copenhagen we have a last opportunity to give the earth a fair chance to fight catastrophic climate change."