S&D Group: "With PES Common Candidate Martin Schulz we will make a real change towards a better future for Europe"


Following the vote by an overwhelming majority today in Rome, Hannes Swoboda, S&D Group President, welcomed the clear support for the PES Common Candidate Martin Schulz.
When speaking in Rome, Hannes Swoboda said:
"We congratulate Martin Schulz for the strong support he has been given today from Socialists and Democrats all over Europe to run for the post of EU Commission Candidate.
"This time it is different ; unlike previous EP elections, people can now have a real say about whom should speak for them in Europe by giving their vote for the EP elections.
"We have a clear and longterm vision for Europe. We want a better and more socially just Europe. A stronger Europe based on fundamental rights and common values. A Europe that speaks with one voice in the world and which helps to ensure social standards, and these standards to also reach a global level. A Europe in which people have decent jobs and feel at home and are respected.
"Over previous years we have fought hard for a more socially balanced course. But the conservative majority in Europe has too often blocked change and pursued their harsh austerity course leading to dramatic unemployment and an increasing gap between north and south, rich and poor.
"With the experience of Martin Schulz as former S&D Group Leader and current EP President, we have a candidate who understands the European institutions, the different European countries and their challenges. Based on his experience and commitment to fight for a socially balanced Europe, we can really make change happen".
"With Martin Schulz, Europe will surely be different and positively better".