S&D Group: The EP does not need a grand coalition to ensure stability

S&D Group:  The EP does not need a grand coalition to ensure stability, Jens Geir, Manfred Weber, EPP,

Commenting on the press conference organised by EPP Group president Manfred Weber in Brussels today, Jens Geier, newly-elected Head of the German SPD-Delegation said:
“Over the last decades MEPs have shown in their daily work and on the basis of the vast amount of legislation they have adopted, that we do not need a grand coalition to ensure stability in this House.
“The policy-making process and European integration has worked effectively without the input of racist or xenophobic forces.

“Support for the adoption of legislation can and does come from various pro-European and democratic groups with whom we cooperate in line with our values.
“While our candidate for future EP president, Gianni Pittella, has clearly stated we exclude any support from racist or xenophobic forces, the EPP candidate Antonio Tajani has not confirmed this yet. Vice-president Tajani, are you ready to confirm this publicly, too? Silence so far…
“In addition, it should be clearly stated that it is not written anywhere that there had been an agreement that all three EU institutions should be run by the EPP.
“Finally, Manfred Weber's comments rather seem to show that he and his Group are getting nervous about the ongoing election campaign for the future EP president. Therefore, we would recommend to Mr. Weber: breathe and stay calm.”